Let me guess, you landed here because well one, you wanted to get to know more about me, the girl behind the computer right?

Or maybe you landed here because you are a passionate, driven, creative woman who is living a life that just doesn't suit you.

Whatever the case may be, here you are ready to make some changes, build a life you want and can be proud of and learn a little something about yourself.

Let's talk about some core beliefs I have in my business:

* Before you can get anywhere in your business you have to believe in yourself. This is my number one thing, believe in your dang self! You'll be surprised how far you can go and what you can accomplish.

* Google is your best friend. Utilize it. I pretty much google anything and everything and I'm pretty sure I'm on google searching for something most of day.

* Passion is the driving force of your business. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, stop doing it. I've had to stop businesses I've wanted to create because once I got into them I realized I wasn't doing it for the right reasons.

* Mistakes will be made but they are there to be learned from. Look, mistakes are going to happen and it's okay. Get back up, dust yourself off, drink your coffee, and get back to work.

Whenever I meet new people I always feel like I should say, "sup bro" from "How I met your Mother"...anyone else..no...okay...

Hey what's up! My name is Emily Anne and I am extremely passionate about sharing my answers, my past mistakes and helping you build your dream life!

So I suppose I should give you my story as how I got here today. I was working a job that was not paying much..like at all but I was working my tail off...literally, I worked at a doggy daycare!

I just wasn't happen to be honest, there was no profound moment when I decided entrepreneurship was for me. I just wasn't happy in my situation, I was missing out on my life and time with my family and I decided enough was enough.

I ended up starting a fitness business that I was frankly just not passionate about. I also make countless mistakes, lots of time and money was lost and let's just say that didn't work out so well.

That brings to where I am today! I am not someone who has been in business for 20+ years but honestly I think that's what makes me a great teacher.

I know where you are, I've felt your struggles, I've been in your shoes and I've made so many mistakes, I mean like, A TON of mistakes.

But that's why I teach entrepreneurs/girl bosses how to spread their message, build their brand and their dream life because I'm so passionate about you and making sure you don't make the same mistakes I did!

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By the way, you're pretty awesome! Thanks for sticking around!

I want to give you the best possible experience, if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to email me @ [email protected]