I think the idea of having this big, innovative business idea is one of the biggest misconceptions when first beginning a business. We think we need to be doing something that no one has done before, gone where no man or woman has gone but in reality that's just not the case.

In fact, before you even begin a business you SHOULD be looking at what others are doing. Why? To see if they're profitable business ideas or not. It helps you to see what the people want which is why you start a business in the first place, to serve others.

You may fear not being able to stand out or that everyone else is doing it and you won't be as good as them but you have to remember that you can create a business or product idea that other people have and because you are not exactly the same as someone else, you will teach differently. You may even have a different target audience than they do.

You and your story will resonate with someone in whatever business you decide to go into regardless if there are other people doing exactly what you're doing because you are you.

Oftentimes people are afraid of new, they tend to stay away from anything too new. New things we've never herd of are scary, we like things we've herd of before, it's more comfortable. People may not be ready for a big brand new innovative business idea.

The way we have to think is this, because we are all so different we all will conduct our businesses differently, we will serve different audience, we will teach differently. So you can't be afraid to build a business that someone has because yours will be different based on your life and experiences.

The take away is this, you do not need to think outside of the box for the business idea. Find something you enjoy, something you can help others with, see if it's profitable and then make it your own. Put your style, your life, your words into your business and that's what will make it stand out.