Oh Monday's, the day we all seem to love to hate but they really don't have to be that bad and there is a way for you to have your most productive Monday ever and to actually feel good about this daunting week day. In order to have your most productive Monday ever, you need...coffee and lots of it.

Alright alright, relax! Coffee is not the only answer I have for you! My best practice to get more done in your Monday is to create a list of three tasks that absolutely need to get done by Monday night. Create this list Sunday night, not Monday morning when you're running around trying to get ready for work.

Creating this list Sunday night will not only ensure you have enough time to write down your three tasks, but you probably have a heck of a lot more down time to actually think about what three tasks must get done. Make sure this list of tasks is written on a piece of paper with a pencil. Yup, I'm taking you way back to prehistoric times...okay maybe not that far back. Studies have shown that physically writing a list on a piece of paper sends signals to the brain that actually helps productivity.

The reason I have you creating only three tasks to focus on is because as humans we get easily distracted by day to day tasks. Whether we're scrolling through social media or watching youtube, we are constantly thrown off task, but if you know you only three tasks to focus on, you are more likely to get those completed in a timely manner and guess what? You'll feel so good knowing that you got done exactly what you needed to get done that day!

My next tip comes to you via your attitude. Yeah, I said it, you have an attitude about Mondays. Like I said, we hate them for whatever reason but we can change that. We can choose to wake up excited for the day. Start your day with gratitude. You got to wake up for another day. Just be happy okay! We have control over how we feel about a certain day so wake up, be grateful and get productive!

Oh and one last tip, drink some caffeine, that always seems to brighten people's day and of course makes you more productive in the long run!