The number one thing all entrepreneurs should avoid! *DUN DUN DUUUUHHHHNNNN* (that was supposed to be scary music...) Are you ready to hear this? Are you sure you're ready for this? Okay, okay, I'll tell you! The number on thing entrepreneurs should try to avoid is to come across as salesy, pitchy or pushy.

You all know the type, that guy with the comb over that sells cars. He's always pushing you to spend more money than you wanted, he's pushy, he's rude and he hates his job. No one wants to come across like that because if you do, you may be losing business. Here's the thing, if you are truly invested and passionate about what you are offering to people, then it'll be a bit harder to come across as pitchy or salesy, which is a good thing!

When you are passionate about what you are offering, you can serve others instead of sell to them! Serve them with a product that you truly believe will help them, a product that has helped you overcome a difficult time in your life. This way, people will find you relatable, likable and trustworthy. A whole hell of a lot more trustworthy than someone who is pushy and selling to you.

Share your story with people. Why did you create this product? Did it help you in some way? There are many different products whether you've made them or not that can tie into a difficult time you had in your life. When someone sees that you went through something and came out of it, it makes them feel they can come of it too!

Now, when it comes to if people are not interested in your product, that's okay! Just thank them for your time and move on. If you continue to spam or be pushy they will not want to buy from you or work with you in the future and may tell their friends about their bad experience with you.

The point is to serve others instead of sell because we feel much more fulfilled when we serve others with our purpose. All I'm asking is for you to give it a try! Believe in what you're offering, be real and authentic and stop pitching, selling or being too pushy to potential customers!

As with anything else learning to serve rather than sell with take some time and some practice to master. But with time you will learn exactly what you need to do to serve others with your product or serve. Just keep practicing and stick with it!