Let's face it, most of us are going to get a lil anxious or nervous before going on video, whether that's live video streaming or pre recorded video, myself included. I have three tips for you today to help you to overcome some of that anxiety and knock your video out of the park!

Tip number one, make sure you have a plan and/or direction in which your video is going to go. I wouldn't advise just jumping on video and talking about your dog or something completely irrelevant to your brand while you are trying to decide what to talk about. Write up a few notes about what you'd like to discuss, make sure you hit your main points and there you have it! A lovely video about...well whatever it is you talk about on video. Having these notes will not only help you stay on track but will make video seem less scary because you'll know exactly what needs to be said!

Tip number two, dance to the music, come on, dance to the music! I'm sorry you had to hear my singing voice...I digress. Tip number two is DANCE! That's right, get up and dance to your favorite music, jam to your air guitar, whatever but just move and have fun right before you go on video. This will help calm your nerves and get you excited to go on video! This will also get some blood pumping around your body which will help you remember the main points of your video.

Tip number three, act natural! Pretend you are just sitting down to have a conversation with a best friend or loved one. It be odd at first because you're probably in an empty room looking at a camera, but it will get easier with practice. When pretending to talk directly to a friend, your personality is more likely to come out and you will look and feel more comfertable on camera. Just try it and see how it feels!

I hope you enjoyed these three tips and I hope that they make you feel more comfortable the next time you go on camera! (which you should be doing A LOT!)