Is the fear of failing holding you back from your dream life? Your dream job? I want to start off by talking about fear because I feel we may believe that the people we see as being successful in their lives never felt fear.

That they just didn't feel what we may be feeling. The thing is, the people that you find successful are also afraid, they didn't get where they are because they were just born fearless. They didn't get where because they weren't ever scared of doing something or doing something wrong. Those people got where they are today because although they were afraid, they did it anyway. They jumped in maybe with only one foot to begin with, but they started.

To be honest, I still get nervous about certain things. Before I go live on video or make an online course I get nervous about it. But I've created a routine to help me get excited about what I'm about to do. And look, I'm not saying that it isn't scary to put yourself out there but you just have to do it! Here's the deal, if you never do something in your life that makes you uncomfortable whether this be in your business or just in your everyday life, it will be much more difficult to grow as a human being.
We don't grow in our comfort zones and when in a business, nothing is going to easy at first but once you do it and try it a few times, you may find you really enjoy it and it will become easier!

When I am anxious about doing a certain thing or putting out a new course, I ask myself what is the worst that could happen? I then write a list of things that could go wrong and I also write a list of what I could if those things do go wrong.

So instead of being reactive, we plan to be proactive which makes the fear of "failing" (I hate that word, but you get the gist) not as scary as it once was.

I have had quite a few ups and downs in my business and it has changed direction multiple times but the thing is, I've learned so much from those times that something didn't work. I learned to be myself more, I learned how to talk in a way that was easier to understand, I stopped stumbling over my words and most of all, I figured out what my real passion was. If my original business idea had worked, I wouldn't have figured out how much I love to teach in the form of online courses.

So you see, we can't get so caught up in the "what ifs" and the "but it's hard" or scary, we just have to jump in and do it because although there will be ups and downs, it's going to be a blast to learn along the way.

I hope this blog post gave you a lil kick in the pants to get started on you a project or business idea that you've so badly wanted to start and just haven't yet. Believe in yourself, be unapologetically you and just do it!