Are you wasting your time on social media? Are you trying to be on every platform at once trying to give new content daily? Let's just get one thing straight, social media is important but it has it's place in business and I'm going to show you how to use social media marketing to create a bigger impact and get more bang for your buck...or more engagement for your time!

Social media is a very important part of our business, we're able to reach many more people online than we actually would be able to in real life and we can create real friendships and a lasting impression with our target audience!

But let's face it, social media is HARD. You may feel like you have to post for your business Instagram, but then you need a youtube video and oh wait, you also need to write a blog post and pin pins to's all so overwhelming! But it doesn't have to be and today I'm going to show you why.

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There are technically three big social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There are also two really big and important search engines, Pinterest and Youtube. Yes, Pinterest and Youtube are considered search engines not social media. There is also snapchat which is a large social media, Instagram stories and of course Facebook Lives.

Okay, you get it, there are a lot of social media platforms and search engines to choose from but which one/ones should you be using for your business? Get ready for this because it's actually fairly simple...*drum roll please* Go where your TARGET AUDIENCE IS.

You hear me talk about your target audience all the dang time and that's probably because they're pretty important. It's who you are serving, it's why you got into business and it's their problem your are trying to solve. You want to be talking directly to them and how do you do that? Get on the platform/platforms that best serve them!

How do you figure out what platform will best serve them? Do some research! Are you teaching photography? Choose visual based platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and maybe do tutorials on snapchat or Youtube. Maybe your teaching style is more hands on, Youtube may be a better option to actually show yourself creating something.

If you're a blogger, Pinterest would be great for promoting your blog posts and Twitter would be great for small snippets of content!

Like I said above, the best way to figure out where your target audience is is to do some research and really know your audience. What do they like and dislike? What do they struggle with? Are they more hands on learners or do they need visuals? You also want to check you engagement on social media platforms because some will just work better for your particular business than others.

Although I do not personally think you need to be on every single social media platform at once because frankly, each social platform serves a particular niche, I do think video based social media/content is perfect for any business. And no, I'm not saying you should go out and create a youtube channel but you can always show your life on Snapchat or Instagram stories or do tutorials on Facebook Live broadcasts.

Video is the fastest way for people to get to know, like and trust you which builds a tribe of loyal followers which is what we all want if we are trying to build a business on social media. With that being said, learn what you target wants and needs and give that to them!

The point is this, you do not need to be on a social media platform or search engine that does not benefit your target audience and you should try to be on some form of video to show others who you are and have them get to know you. I hope this gives you some peace of mind and relieves some stress to know you don't have to be everywhere at once and you can talk directly to your target audience if you pick your social media and search engine platforms wisely!

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